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Evercraft 7

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We all know how mind numbing and boring it is staring at the computer screen playing whack-a-mole for hours on end to level your character. Ever get sick of pressing hotkeys and clicking over and over and OVER again?  If only you had a way to automate it...

Well, here is your solution!  With our 100% all encompassing EQ2 crafting macro, Evercraft, now you don't have to deal with these frustrations any more. No more falling asleep on your keyboard from the boredom only to wake up dead, or worse, getting carpal tunnel syndrome from all the clicking and keystrokes. Evercraft is the most sophisticated and advanced EQ2 crafting bot in existence. Period.  Evercraft has existed and been under constant development and improvement since January 2005, as well as been purchased and enjoyed by over 16,000 customers!  That alone says more than we ever could!

We are currently up to version 7, which has been completely rewritten from the ground up using the .NET framework 4 for added stability, speed, reliability, and accuracy.  We've added a host of new features to make your crafting experience more informative and interactive. 

The best way for you to find out exactly what Evercraft is all about is to download the trial version.

Because we constantly work hard to keep Evercraft updated and to maintain forums with a helpful support staff, Evercraft is a subscription based service.  I know many people don't like the sound of that, but when it comes down to it, ~$5 per month isn't much considering what Evercraft does for you and the fact that there is no risk of it "dying" and not working anymore.

  • Perhaps the best and most important feature of Evercraft is that it is not a macro "guide" that requires you to download a macro software and follow a step by step guide for creating your own macro.  It is an application - just like any other you buy.  You install anti-virus software and it protects you from virus infections.  You install Evercraft and it crafts for you in EQ2.  You have a problem?  You contact our friendly support staff via our forums and we help you get up and running.  If that doesn't work, one of our developers will work with you 1 on 1 to resolve the problem - up to and including giving you a telephone call and working on the phone at your convenience if necessary.

    Your satisfaction is *guaranteed* - if we can't get you up and running or you decide (within a reasonable amount of time) that you don't like the software or it doesn't fulfill your needs, we will refund your money - no questions asked.  Out of over 16,000 customers to date, less than 10 have made such a request, and they were all immediately fulfilled.

  • Includes a lifetime membership to our private forums for updates, tech support, and discussion of strategies and information for getting the most out of the program. Even if your subscription for usage of the software expires, your forum account will never be terminated and you will retain ownership of your license(s) and the ability to renew the subscription on them at any time. 

  • Covers all tradeskill classes. 

  • Custom in-game EQ2 tradeskill interface and crafting skill icons. 

  • Uses intelligent spamming of crafting skills to help ensure you get the highest quality items in the least amount of time. 

  • Choose up to 120 different recipes to craft from. Complete huge projects from multiple recipes without stopping to manually change recipes. 

  • Allows you to specify the number of items you want to craft for each recipe. 

  • Works with ANY windows operating system, ANY game resolution, ANY game window location. 

  • Full GUI interface for ease of configuration. 

  • Very simple installation and setup. 


Evercraft 7 license:  $19.99 (includes 3 month subscription - good for use on 1 computer)

Please read carefully: This is a SUBSCRIPTION-based product. After 3 months, your license will expire. To continue using Evercraft, you will have to purchase more time. It works just like a pre-paid cell phone. You buy time, you use it. When your time runs out, you buy more to recharge. We do not actively bill you. It's all in your hands.

The "My Account" link at the left is where you take care of purchases.

Additional subscription time:

3 months $14.99 ($4.99/month)
6 months $27.99 ($4.67/month)
9 months $39.99 ($4.44/month)
12 months $47.99 ($3.99/month)
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