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Evercraft 5 Detailed Feature Documentation

Table of Contents

I. Character Select
II. Recipe Setup Tab
a.  Manage Templates
b.  Manage Spam Profiles
III. Job Options Tab
IV. Tweaks Tab
V. Job Status Tab
a.  Mini Mode

I. Character Select (Back to top)

The character select dialog is where you choose your Server and Character name for the character you'll be using for your current crafting session.  This information is used to ensure that the correct log file is chosen so that we can accurately monitor your log file for events that trigger Evercraft features such as Tell Notification and Ban Protection.

If you are not seeing your Server and/or Character in these lists, navigate to your EverQuest II installation folder.  Double click the "cache" folder, then the "characters" folder.  You should see a list of folders with the names of the servers on which you have characters that you have logged in to on THIS machine.  Find your server and double click the folder.  Now you should see a list of folders with the name(s) of your character(s) on the server you chose.

If you DON'T see your server or character name in these folders, then the first thing you should do is log into the game on that character and play it for a couple of minutes, then /camp desktop.  Now check it again.  If the folder(s) still doesn't exist, you will need to add it manually.  Make sure the spelling and capitalization of your Server and Character are EXACT, and that the Character folder is INSIDE the correct Server folder.  If spelling, capitalization, or folder structure are wrong, then it will not work and you will likely get errors indicating that we couldn't find your log file.


II. Recipe Setup Tab (Back to top)

I've tried to make recipe configuration as easy and flexible as possible.

General Settings

1.  Recipe Bar (bottom left)

The way Evercraft works from multiple recipes is by utilizing your hotkey bar.  Pick a hotkey bar in the game to use for your Evercraft recipes and set this setting to that bar.

Obviously there are 12 slots on the hotkey bar, and therefore 12 is the maximum number of recipes you can create.  Let's move on to choosing how many you want to create.

2.  Number of Recipes (bottom left)

Select the number of recipes you wish to create.  As stated above, 12 is the maximum.

NOTE:  You can choose MORE than you wish to create and simply put the quantity at 0 (zero) for those you want to skip.  Make sure you note the number in the "Recipe" column - that is the hotkey number on your hotkey bar for that recipe.  (10 is hotkey "0", 11 is hotkey "-", and 12 is hotkey "=").

3.  Durability Threshold (bottom center)

This is the point on your PRISTINE durability bar that you do not want your durability to fall below.  For this to mean something, you must have your Spam Profile and/or Reaction Profile configured to "Auto."  Once you do that, if your durability falls below this point during a crafting job, Evercraft will switch from using progress skills to using durability skills to try to work your durability back up and keep your item pristine.

4.  Reset Recipes (bottom right)

This will reset your recipes to a default state and basically clear every setting you have made on this page.

5.  Expand View (bottom right)

This will expand the height of this page so that you can all 12 recipes at once.  After you expand, the button will change to "Restore," which you can click to set Evercraft back to it's normal size.

6.  Manage Templates (bottom right)

See below under heading III a.

7.  Manage Spam Profiles (bottom right)

See below under heading III b.

Individual Recipe Configuration

FEATURE:  You can click any of the light blue column headings to copy the setting on recipe 1 for that column to all other recipes ("Fill Down").  Clicking the "Recipe" column head will copy ALL recipe 1 settings down to all other recipes.

8.  Spam Profile

Select the spam profile you wish to use for this recipe.  A Spam Profile is a combination of 2 different settings that define spam:  Spam When and Spam What.  I will get into more detail on what these mean below in section II b.

Here are the default profiles and a brief explanation of each:

Off: Will not spam at all. Self explanatory.
Progress: Will spam Progress skills at all times. Crafting should be quick, but don't expect a lot of pristines.
Durability: Will spam Durability skills at all times. Crafting will be very slow, but pristines are almost guaranteed.
Auto: Will always spam, switching between Progress
and Durability as needed to try to keep your
Durability above the threshold you set above.
Good balance of speed and quality.  Most get 99%+ pristines.

9.  Reaction Profile

Select the Reaction profile you wish to use for reactions to crafting events.  Use Progress skills only, Durability skills only, or have Evercraft automatically choose which one to use based on the durability threshold you set by choosing Auto.  Or if you want, you can turn reactions off completely.  Not sure why anyone would, but it's there if you want it.

10. HP Reserve

If your health drops below the % you select here, Evercraft will stop the item you're working on and rest until you get to full health, then continue.

11. Pwr Reserve

While spamming, if your power drops below the % you select here, Evercraft will stop spamming the skill that costs Power and allow it to regenerate to this threshold.  This is useful for keeping spare power reserves so that when a crafting event occurs that requires a power-consuming skill, you will have enough power to react.  This could be the reaction that gives you a rare!

12. Quantity

Pretty self explanatory.  Set it to 0 to skip this recipe, otherwise choose how many items you'd like to make from this recipe.

13. Quality

Select your desired quality.  Did you get a job from a task master asking you for Shaped (or some other non-pristine quality) goods?  Well set this to Shaped (or whatever) and Evercraft will stop the item when it reaches the quality you desire.

14. Technique

You must tell Evercraft what technique this recipe uses.  This tells it how to determine what hotkey bar and keys you selected on the hotkey setup tab so it will know what skills to use for reactions and spamming.

a.  Manage Templates (Back to top)

When you click "Manage Templates" on the Recipe Setup tab, this window will open.  This is your interface for saving all of your settings.

You can have as many templates as you like.

Save a template:

Maybe you have a chemistry setup for 1 character and a woodworking setup for another.  Well, configure all your settings how you want, then:

In the "Save New Template" section at the bottom (blue text), choose a descriptive name for your template (like "Bob_Chemistry") and enter it in the "Save template as:" box, then click Save.

Load a template:

Once you've saved a template, it will automatically be populated in the "Select a template:" drop down list.  Just pick the template you want to load and click "Load."  It's as simple as that.

Delete a template:

Select the template you want to delete in the drop down list, then click the Delete button.

Modify or Update a template:

In the "Manage Existing Template" section at the top (blue text), select the template you want to update or modify in the drop down list, then click the "Save" button.

b.  Manage Spam Profiles (Back to top)

When you click "Manage Spam Profiles" on the Recipe Setup tab, this window will open.  This is your interface for creating, updating, and deleting your Spam Profiles.

There are 3 settings for each Spam Profile:  Name, Spam What, and Spam When.  The explanations for the Spam What and Spam When settings are given in the actual user interface, which you can see below in the screen shot.  I will elaborate a bit for you.

When spamming, just ask yourself 2 questions:

1)  What skills do I want to spam with?

a. None (spamming off)
b. Progress:  Only Progress
c. Durability:  Only Durability
d. Auto:  I want to switch to durability if durability drops too low then switch back to progress if durability gets high enough again.

2)  Taking #1 into consideration, when do I want to spam?

a. Never (spamming off)
b. Always:  Will never stop spaming during item creation.
c. Durability based:  Only spam if durability drops too low and I need to spam durability to get it back up.  Once it's up, I want to stop spamming again.
d. After reactions:  I only want to fire off 3 spam keys immediately following a reaction to a crafting event, then stop spamming until another event occurs.

Delete a profile:

Select the profile from the drop down list, then click "Delete Selected" at the bottom.

Modify a profile:

Select the profile to modify, then simply change the Spam What and Spam When settings to whatever you desire and click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

Create New profile:

Enter a name for your Spam Profile in the text box at the top, select your Spam What and Spam When settings, then click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

III. Job Options Tab (Back to top)

Coming soon!

IV. Tweaks Tab (Back to top)

Coming soon!

V. Job Status Tab (Back to top)

Coming soon!

a.  Mini Mode (Back to top)

Coming soon!

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