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Download the Evercraft Launcher here

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Download the Evercraft Launcher here -- 2/5/2006 3:00:00 PM

Trial Users: You must first create an account (it's FREE) before you'll be able to login. When you have Evercraft installed and get to the login screen, check the "Use Trial" box and enter your account information, then login. To create a new account, visit the Sign Up page.

Evercraft uses a deployment solution called AutoUpdate Plus. Read carefully and follow these instructions exactly and you'll be up and running in no time!.

NOTE: You MUST make sure you have the .Net Framework 4.0 installed. The full version, not the "client profile" version. It can be found HERE.

1) Download the ZIP file containing the EvercraftUpdater program HERE. Save the file somewhere convenient, such as on your desktop.

2) Unzip/extract the "EvercraftUpdater.exe" file and place it in the folder where you want Evercraft to run from, then double click it to start the update process.

3) When the Evercraft updater finishes, it should automatically run Evercraft. From this point on, start Evercraft by double clicking the icon on your desktop or double clicking the actual "Evercraft.exe" file where you installed Evercraft. There is no need to run "EvercraftUpdater.exe" again - but don't delete it, because Evercraft will use it to check for updates behind the scenes. Also, don't worry about running "as administrator" - this will happen automatically when needed, and you will be prompted.

4) Now that you've got Evercraft running, log in using your account info.

5) Before you do anything else, make sure EQ2 IS NOT RUNNING.

6) Click the "Interface" menu at the top of Evercraft and then choose "Manage". Click "Set EQ2 Path" then browse to the folder where you have EQ2 installed, select it, and click OK. You should see the "Valid Everquest 2 Path" light turn green.

7) Click "Install Evercraft UI". You should see the "Evercraft UI Installed" light turn green.

8) Now you can start EQ2 back up.

9) In EQ2, open your crafting window. Make sure you see the modified crafting window and colored squares on your tradeskill icons. Now drag a recipe from your recipe book down to one of your hotkeys. In Evercraft, add a recipe and select the hotkey bar and hotkey that you put the recipe in the game on. Choose how many you want to make, then click the "Begin Job" and take your hands off the mouse and keyboard.

10) Final setup notes: Make sure EQ2 is in windowed mode, not full screen. Make sure that the window is not maximized - you should be able to drag the EQ2 window around, but make sure that none of the edges hang off the edge of the screen - you need to be able to see the entire window. Make sure that the Evercraft window does not cover ANY part of your in game crafting window. Ideal positioning would be to have your in-game crafting window near the top left corner of your EQ2 window and place the Evercraft window at the bottom right corner.

The picture below shows the recommended layout of your EQ2 window, tradeskill window, and Evercraft window in relation to your desktop.

That should be it. Post in the help desk forums if you have any problems. Enjoy!



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